Special Upcoming Offerings : Fall and Winter 2019

Laughter Yoga

Saturday, September 28

11:30 AM- 12:30 PM

$18 **Special Pricing Offer** Bring a friend and only pay $30 between the two of you!

Good Space Yoga Dayton

Laughter Yoga is simple and profound: Anyone can laugh for no reason without relying on jokes, humor, or comedy. Laughing in this way improves our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Join us for one hour of Laughter Yoga! Our Laughter yoga session will begin with a combination of deep breathing and stretching exercises, progressing to laughter exercises, and then concludes with a reflective laughter meditation. These exercises oxygenate our body and brain helping us to feel more healthy, alive, and connected.

Laughter yoga is a complete well-being workout for mind, body, and spirit.

Life is better when you are laughing!

Yoga for Back Pain Saturday, October 5

11:30 AM –1:00 PM


Good Space Yoga Dayton

Do you struggle with back pain and find some daily activities and movements painful? Looking for relief from the constant irritation? Not sure if yoga is safe for you?

Join us for a 90-minute class explaining the common causes of back pain, simple solutions to managing pain, and practical guidelines to safely participate in yoga.

Together we will learn a complete daily practice designed to increase strength and flexibility of the spine, introduce principles to enhance balance and posture, utilize the breath to monitor safety of movements, understand how to adapt specific practices to meet your needs, and enjoy a guided deep relaxation to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga for Happy Joints: Joint Freeing Series

Saturday, October 12

11:30 AM—12:30 PM

$18 **Special Pricing Offer**Bring a friend and only pay $30 between the two of you!**

Good Space Yoga Dayton

As we age and from overuse, our joints can become stiff and achy, limiting our ability to move freely through our lives with ease.

This 60-minute class is based on Mukunda Stiles work with Structural Yoga Therapy is designed to move each joint gently and systematically through its full and natural range of motion, enhancing range of motion and relieving joint pain and stiffness.

The exercises can be performed standing, seated in a chair, or sitting/laying on the floor. This series can be implemented at home as part of a daily routine to build flexible strength and vitality. Join us!

Meditation for the Monkey Mind: The Theory and Practice of Meditation

Saturday, October 19th

11:30 AM—1:30 PM


Good Space Yoga Dayton

Many people have heard the benefits of developing a meditation practice, but what is meditation?

In this workshop we will explore what meditation really is, recognize how the mind works, learn various methods of meditating, explain practical tips to develop your own meditation practice, discover ways to overcome common obstacles, and understand the benefits of maintaining a committed practice.

Through in-depth discussions and impactful meditation experiences, you will leave with a deeper motivation and inspiration to incorporate various methods of meditation into your daily life.

Loosening the Knots: Tantric Yoga 2 Part Course

Loosening the Knots Sunday, October 27 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM $95 &

Loosening the Deep-Seated Knots Saturday, November 2 1:00-4:00 PM $49

House of Aum, Yellow Springs

**Special Pricing Sign up for both in advance and receive a $20 discount. No refunds available**

Eligible for YA Continuing Education hours Have tight, stiff muscles and joints prevented you from getting on the Yoga mat? Do you find it difficult to breathe fully, smoothly and evenly? Is your focus scattered and mind irritated? Do you yearn to experience a deeper connection with your spirit?

Loosen the knots that bind you during this workshop designed to release tension manifesting at all levels of the body, mind and spirit. Join Raama and Satya for practical Yoga experience from the Classical Tantric tradition and learn a complete, foundational toolkit while practicing powerful techniques to develop your vital energy, calm the mind and set your spirit free.

This workshop is perfect for beginners, those returning to a yoga practice after a break, the elderly, and those recovering from illness. Additionally, this offering provides an excellent resource for Yoga teachers looking for new ways to serve students and those who wish to deepen their existing practice.

Less Stress, More Success! Stress Management 101

Saturday, November 9th

11:30 AM—1:30 PM $35

Good Space Dayton

Stress is the number one enemy of health today. This chronic fight-or-flight response is responsible for the majority (80%) of doctors’ visits in America today: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, anxiety attacks, mood swings, depression, sleep problems, poor immune function, chronic pain, migraines, and more!

In this workshop, you will learn simple yoga techniques to change one’s physical and mental capacity quickly while preparing the mind and body for long-term health. Experience how the practice of yoga allows you to find balance and clarity in a world typically consumed by chaos.

Together will learn accessible practices that encourage breathing, connecting, and bringing awareness to daily activities. Take home simple stretches, laughing, and breathing techniques; stress reduction and relaxation tips; and practical ways to reduce stress, increase motivation, and develop positive attitudes!

Yoga for Managing Your Holiday Moods: 2-part series

Beat the Blues Saturday, November 30

11:30AM--1:00 PM

& End the Anxiety

Sunday, December 1 12:30--2:00 PM

$35/day **Special Pricing--Sign up for both for only $60!**

Good Space Yoga Dayton

As the weary months of winter wear on, why not beat the blues with an invigorating yoga practice designed to lift your spirits and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed? Feeling extra anxious as the holidays approach? How about a calming and grounding practice to increase focus and bring you back to balance? Join experienced Yoga Therapists Raama and Satya as they guide you through accessible yoga postures, pranayama breathing, therapeutic use of mantra (sound), mudra, bhavana (imagery), meditation, and guided relaxation to connect with who you truly are beneath whatever mood is present.

Enjoy yoga practices designed to release any blocks keeping you from experiencing your peace. No matter what challenges you are facing now, you will energize the body, mind, and spirit-- leaving with a lighter heart and a clearer mind! Accessible for all levels, including beginners.

Contact us for more information and to register for any of these amazing courses!

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