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Global Yoga Therapy Day!

Global Yoga Therapy Day!

The Global Yoga Therapy Day is hosting a free summit featuring presentations for both the Public and Yoga Professionals on August 13 / 14th. The following are talks you can register for in the 'Public Stream' - (though anyone can register for any talk - it's all free). You can register at the summit here - but all of the following presentations will also be live streamed to the Global Yoga Therapy Day Facebook Page! Come and check out how yoga therapy is used to support better health and well-being! Love to hear what you think! The direct links to each of these presentations are:

  • Richard Miller: Yoga for PTSD

  • Panel Presentation: Understanding the Underlying Biomedical Science and Clinical Trial Research Evidence for Yoga as Therapy

  • Baxter Bell: Pranayama for Covid 19 Respiratory Health

  • Mark Workman: Yoga for Amputees

  • Nalanie Chellaram: Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

  • Catherine Justice: End the Pain Inactivity Cycle with Yoga

  • Pamela Stokes-Eggleston: Sick and Tired: Yoga Therapy for The Caregivers of Wounded Warriors

  • Charlotte Nuessle: Self-Care for Caregivers

  • Smitha Mallaiah: Yoga in Cancer Care from Caves to Clinics

  • De Jur Jones: Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy

  • Amy Wheeler: Mental Health for Gen Z

  • Lorenzo Cohen: The Power of Integrating Yoga into Cancer Care

Alternately, you can also easily find all of the 'public stream' talks by clicking 'Target Audience: Public' from the Schedule page as seen here:

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