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Online Wellness Support Sessions

My offering to you...

As we navigate through these unprecedented times, it is important to remember we are not alone--even in our isolation. In an effort to support you in a sustainable way, I am offering 15-Minute Online Wellness Support Sessions to nurture peace and purpose in challenging times.

It is difficult to be without clear structure, support systems, and access to resources while balancing finances, families, health, and so many other responsibilities and unknown variables--and it is easy to let therapeutic activities like self-care practices and wellness coaching slip away as we try to face our challenges and

stresses head on.

Our 15-minute Online Wellness Support Sessions are centered around you and what you need to feel empowered to keep your peace and purpose as you move through the day.

  • Need breathwork to balance feelings of anxiety, confusion and overwhelm?

  • Need to be guided through some mindful movement to release tension in the body?

  • Need guidelines for how to structure your day with meaningful and engaging activities?

  • Need new ways to navigate stress and strong emotions?

  • Need creative ideas for eating healthy to boost immunity while on a budget?

Together we will find creative and effective ways to support your needs so you can stay focused and calm. As an exchange for our time spent together, and honoring those who are out of work due to the many closures, please pay what you are able and feel is appropriate for the guidance offered.

Just reach out.

If we can be of service to you in any way during these difficult times, please connect with me. What can we do to support you in other ways? What would be most meaningful to you?

Together we will get through these uncertain times and emerge transformed.

In Love and Support, Stacy

Connect with me via email --StacyLynn@EnlightenedFitness.Net

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