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But First, YOGA

Yoga doesn’t take time , it gives time ...

When I am crunched for time and responsibilities are piling up, instead of trying to multitask and get more work done, I know that pausing and spending a few moments on mindful breathing and moving my body in synchronization with the breath works wonders for the outcome of my day !

As a recovering perfectionist, people-pleaser, and over-achiever...The insane stress and anxiety of my hectic past helped me realize something needed to change. Back then I didn’t prioritize my yoga practice as much as I prioritized other things, and I was suffering.

Taking time each day to set my intention and connect with a yoga practice gets my mind, body, breath, and emotions on board to face the day ... and it feels really good!

What is your favorite ‘save-the-day’ yoga practice ?

Need some ideas? Want to connect with your purpose ? Looking for a sense of ease to bring balance back into your life? I've gotcha covered! Together we can craft a routine to fit your lifestyle and goals...and have you on your way to empowered warrior in no time!

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