Becoming an Empowered  Warrior

A warrior is defined as “a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness." In general, the term ‘warrior’ is often associated with images of power, confidence, accomplishment, chivalry, honor and integrity.

All warriors have a few basic things in common:

They have internal and external discipline. They develop mental focus. They develop an attitude of persistence. They train. A warrior makes moral judgments and acts accordingly. A warrior is flexible and adaptable. A warrior is able to act independently as well as being a team player. A warrior takes responsibility for his or her choices and actions. A warrior is a person of compassion who understands pain and the consequences of action. In life, victory and defeat are more a matter of Spirit than of body. One is never defeated if one’s Spirit is not defeated or broken. When a warrior falls in battle without surrendering or giving up, the Spirit grows stronger. An Empowered Warrior is someone who masters himself or herself and overcomes personal desire, moral/ethical issues, and all weaknesses of character. Empowered Warriors embrace a journey of self-discovery to benefit others and find enlightenment for themselves. Being an Empowered Warrior has nothing to do with physical battle, making war, fighting or being mean and tough. The battle is the mastery of one's self. Living as an Empowered Warrior means living a life of commitment. It means the embrace of discipline, study, and long intense training-- sometimes at the sacrifice of comfort and convenience. Being an Empowered Warrior also means understanding your principles and not compromising them. The life of an Empowered Warrior is not an easy one, but it is a rewarding one.

Begin your journey with us and begin living an empowered life!

Join us for our NEW Empowered Warrior Yoga Classes ! We are thrilled to be sharing this powerful program with the community! These classes are appropriate for everyone, regardless of experience or ability. Limited spaces are available, so reserve your spot now!

Become an Empowered Warrior TODAY

Call 937-231-0006 or email for more information and to reserve your spot!

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