3 Steps to Re-claim Your Life

Question : Are you aligning your daily actions with your core values consistently ?

Do you really live in a way that reflects your deepest inner beliefs? When we are tired, stressed, overworked, or worried... we are drained of energy and it is much harder to live as our best selves.

Noticing signs such as fatigue, irritability, and inability to focus act as a wake up call telling us it is time to take better care of ourselves and re-claim our lives!

Simply creating a list of ways to care for yourself works wonders in cultivating a clear mind, healthy body, and awakened spirit .

In a time when every moment counts, this doesn't need to be an overwhelming or daunting task. Just sit down and take a few deep breaths to calm the mind. Think of what would bring more joy to your life. Write out three to five simple steps you can take each week to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. (Don’t think of it as something else to add to your “to -do” list , but a gift you get to give yourself to enrich your days! )

For me, the list currently looks like this:

1. Set aside time to take deep breaths and stretch

2. Drink herbal tea and read an inspiring book

3. Journal to get out my thoughts, then reflect on the thoughts

4. Clean out clutter (inside and out!)

5. Play some funky music and dance around while laughing :)

This list can change depending on your current challenges and priorities, but the important part is to just have a list of ways to care for yourself to maintain your integrity and well-being.

Now put the list somewhere you will see it daily ... and act accordingly. ..especially when you are having a difficult day.

You've heard the saying you can't fill from an empty well--well, fill your well so that you are well! No more wishing you were strong enough to be the person you always want to be.

Stand in your authenticity and truth, and rock your power!

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