"Yoga is not about touching your toes ... it’s about what you learn on the way there." ~Swami Satchidananda

Across the US, yoga has greatly increased in popularity over the last decade. With this growing exposure and availability, more and more people feel that practicing yoga is unattainable and unsuited for them.

They see pictures of athletes performing complicated and challenging yoga poses and conclude “I could never do yoga ...yoga isn't for me.”

But yoga is for everybody. Every person can practice yoga!

Yoga is a state of being —not of doing.

Yoga is so much more than touching your toes or bending into a pretzel while balancing on one hand. Yoga is not gymnastics...

In fact, within the entire practice of yoga, the physical 'asana' or postures performed on the mat make up only a small portion of the complete and thorough well-being system that is called yoga.

  • How you face life every day with courage and confidence

  • How you stay connected with your breath when anxiety creeps in

  • How you can separate from your thoughts and feelings to see what is actually real without applying judgment

  • How you choose to love and care for yourself and your wellness as a top priority

  • How you relate to others and the environment with respect and kindness

  • How you take time for honest, mindful reflection each day

  • How you redirect your mind to think uplifting and motivating thoughts when you notice negativity

  • How you selflessly offer your service to others with pleasure

  • How you keep an open heart and open mind when frustration arises

  • How you show compassion to yourself and those around you ...especially those who are different from you...

  • How you continue to be inspired and grateful with each new day

  • How you apply self-discipline and focus to your goals and responsibilities

  • How you keep showing up every day with curiosity and excitement about what will unfold

This is yoga.

This is some of what I have learned from over twenty years of dedication to my practice not only on the yoga mat, but in my life. And I know there is so much more to learn!



What have you learned while exploring your yoga practice ?

Please share your insights below and inspire others !

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