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What is Yoga of Recovery? Overcoming the habits that bind us...

Join us for this exploration into "What is Yoga of Recovery?"

Saturday July 8

at Soham Studio

12-2 PM

$18 Investment

**Preregistration is Required**

Yoga of Recovery is a unique opportunity for those who are curious about exploring our daily behaviors and tendencies from the ancient viewpoint of Eastern Philosophy merged with modern Western recovery concepts.

In today’s fast-paced, high-achieving society, we are drawn to accomplish more in less time. We tend to focus on quantity rather than quality, and invariably our personal lives suffer. In order to maintain the pace, many of us turn to something outside ourselves to cope. It might be sugar, caffeine, food, gambling, alcohol, or drugs to help us wake up or wind down. We are constantly riding the ups and downs of life and looking for a way to just hang on.

In this workshop, we will learn the 6 tenets of Yoga of Recovery. Participants will dive into a deeper understanding of the three Gunas from the yoga philosophy and how to relate the Gunas to our personal behavior tendencies. We will discover each person’s Ayurvedic dosha, or constitution, and the various tendencies inherent in our natural constitution.

Applying principles from the many branches of yoga and Ayurveda along with core concepts from the 12 step programs, we will discuss various lifestyle modifications and rituals that may be used to bring more balance into our lives to achieve a more holistic state of existence!

Our upcoming three-week Empowered Living for Recovery series will build from these concepts and practices!

Limited space is available, so make sure to reserve your spot today at Soham in Miamisburg. Click the link below to pre-register for this exciting opportunity to overcome the habits that bind us...

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