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Enlightened Fitness

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Your Accessible Path to Optimal Wellness and Balanced Living

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Discover Enlightened Fitness and Experience Wellness From the Inside Out

Do you ever feel tired and run down? Anxious or stressed? Have trouble sleeping or focusing?  Feel aches and pains in the body? Struggle with low energy or feeling overwhelmed? Need support to create or sustain healthy living practices?

Enlightened Fitness provides the tools to find comfort in your body and mind, maintain balance in your days,
apply structure and flexibility to your self-care routines, and increase motivation and dedication to reach your goals.  Combining time-tested ancient techniques from Yoga and Ayurveda with today's science-based
fitness and wellness practices, you can experience powerful transformation of body, mind, and spirit.


Enlightened Fitness is your access to a balanced body, focused mind, and empowered life!

Health Begins Here

Welcome Package

Our signature Wellness Package is the starting point for new clients. In this three-session package, we discuss your goals and challenges, complete a postural and movement assessment, and co-create a wellness plan incorporating the Five Empowered Living Principles to start your wellness journey.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Wellness Support 

From our 15-minute support to our full wellness sessions, we are here for YOU to sustain peace and purpose in your daily life.  Practice simple, effective techniques to manage stress and strong emotions, ease mental and physical tension, and enhance the body's own healing power.  

Our services aim to cultivate proper functioning of all of the body systems; balanced structural alignment and movement; appropriate strength and flexibility; and resilient mental wellness. 


No matter your experience level or ability, we provide appropriate instruction and guidance to help you find a place of peace, balance, and calm strength. Whether you are looking for group classes, private instruction, partner yoga, chair yoga, yoga therapy services, meditation classes, or have a special request, we are happy to serve you!

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Wellness programs offer a low-cost and innovative solution for companies to reduce health care expenses, relieve workplace stress, and promote employee well-being. We offer workshops and classes in stress management, laughter yoga, corporate yoga, fitness, and wellness education. No matter what your needs, we develop a program specifically suited to you and your company goals!


Seniors often suffer from multiple chronic conditions. Yoga has
long been shown to alleviate the symptoms of these conditions by combining physical poses with relaxation and breathing techniques. We developed unique programs adapted for older adults and those with mobility challenges to enhance range of motion, strength, balance and relaxation.  Developing confidence
and having fun completes the package!

Active Senior Couple


Are you interested in exploring guidance to move forward and reach
your fullest potential?  Try our spiritual wellness coaching. Empowered Living facilitates optimal health and wellness through holistic education, self-care routines, appropriate boundaries, stress management, and lifestyle modifications.  Using movement, breath, mindfulness, and relaxation-- you can maintain
balanced living.  Be empowered and thrive! 


Reiki is a widely practiced, ancient Japanese healing technique used to promote relaxation. It can assist in reducing pain, inflammation, chronic problems, and emotional issues as part of a holistic healing approach . Reiki treats the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  Using simple hands-on or no-touch techniques , the goal is to improve the flow of life energy in a person or your companion animal. Feel the benefit of reducing stress and enhancing relaxation!


With our extensive training, we offer specialized services for:
Military,Veterans & Families  ~  Addiction & Recovery  ~  Anxiety, Depression, & Mood Management  ~  Trauma & PTSD  ~  
Chronic Stress  ~  Chronic Pain/ Disease
Contact us for more information.


About Us

At Enlightened Fitness, we are as passionate about raising awareness of health and gratitude in your daily life as we are our own.  We know changing habits and creating new behaviors can be difficult without support.
Together we implement your customized wellness plan at a reasonable pace and provide practical steps to reach your goals.   Our personalized approach skillfully guides you to your fullest potential.


Your wellness expert Stacy, has been sharing mind/body healing practices for twenty years and is an internationally-trained Certified Yoga Therapist, Exercise Physiologist, and Holistic Health Educator.
She has an exceptional ability to adapt practices, making wellness accessible for all individuals,
and empowering others with a positive and joyful attitude.  

Working Out


After a physical assessment, a personalized plan is created to work toward a healthy balance and enhanced functioning of
the body. Building in a step-by-step progression, we work together to assist you in reaching your goals. You can do this!

The Enlightened Fitness Advantage

What People Are Saying

Portrait of Smiling Woman

“Stacy has the knowledge, wisdom, and compassion to foster deep, meaningful life changes in others." 

— Client and Full-time Mom

Senior Man Portrait

“I have known Stacy for over 15 years.  She is the kind of knowledgeable and experienced guide you want to have by your side when you are ready to move toward a healthier, more fulfilling life.”

— Psychologist and Educator

Contact Us

How can we best serve you? Please reach out and connect with your inquiry or special request.
To schedule your Welcome Package Sessions, just fill out the form below indicating your interest, 
and Stacy will follow up to set your appointment.  Thank you for reaching out!


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