The Year of Transformation

Insight happens ...

We get glimpses into what life could be .

We have occasional 'ah-ha' moments when we feel like we have a solid plan for the future.

But then it fizzles. Life gets in the way.

Let this be the year your transformation begins!

Habitual daily thoughts and our routine behaviors literally build our future each and every day... what do you want to create for yourself? Life doesn't need to be complicated, overwhelming, or even challenging. Often with a shift of perspective and clarity, we can more objectively see the things that are in our control where previously we felt helpless to change.

Can we actively recognize and cultivate genuine insight each day of our lives so that we can let go of the stuff we don’t need, understand ourselves better, and fit the pieces of our puzzle together creatively to find new solutions , new direction, and a new way of being ... consciously creating the best version of ourselves in each moment?!?!

For me personally, and for so many of the people I work with, the hardest part of committing to positive growth is believing that you are worth it--deeply recognizing that you really are important enough to spend time healing and growing. Acknowledging your many responsibilities and demands for attention, and still setting aside time to love yourself and prioritize yourself is a major and necessary victory to your transformation.

The good news are not alone on this transformative journey. We are here to assist you!

Transform yourself through conscious movement, breath, mindfulness, and relaxation! With Enlightened Fitness, you have an opportunity to explore your body, mind, and spirit from a multi-dimensional and evidence-based approach, resulting in noticeable enhancements in daily life and goal achievement. ⠀ We believe everyone can overcome conditioned and habitual functioning patterns and thrive with the freedom found through self-discipline and consistent practice towards a goal. ⠀⠀

Let’s do this 2019 !

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